Kayla Ziegler – Founder, RMT, R. Ac

Kayla Ziegler

A graduate of the Grant MacEwan University 2,200-hour Massage Therapy program in 2012 and the Acupuncture program in 2018. Kayla offers a wide-range of Massage Therapy and Acupuncture techniques, including: Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Swedish Relaxation, Prenatal, Fire Cupping, Hot (Jade) Stone Massage, Electro-Stimulation Needling and Guasha. Kayla has spent years developing her skills to treat chronic pain, repetitive strain injuries, headaches, and sport-related injuries.

** Not accepting new massage therapy clients **

Meilu (Tina) Li – RMT, R. Ac

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A graduate from the Acupuncture program at Grant MacEwan and Archways Healing College in 2018. Tina has a strong passion in helping others and strongly believes that acupuncture and massage work well together and can have a powerful effect on people’s healing process. After becoming a registered acupuncturist, she went back to China and completed an internship in Liaoyang TCM Hospital. She has a passion towards women health and specializes in pain management, insomnia, anxiety, depression, PMS, menopause symptoms and weight control. Tina loves to spend time with her super cute Bichon, enjoys good food - recently opened an instagram account to show off her "foodie" knowledge. She knows both Mandarin (Chinese) and English.

Jingyi (Janice) Huang – R.Ac, RMT

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Janice graduated from Grant Macewan University 2020 with a diploma of Acupuncture. In good standing with NHPC and CAAA. With a well-developed interest in all things regarding natural health, Janice is a Registered Massage Therapist and Registered Acupuncturist.

Janice’s academic trajectory has given her unique experiences which have shaped her Acupuncture practice. Fully believing in the holistic approach as an ardent Acupuncturist, Janice specializes in pain management which aims at bridging Traditional Chinese medicine and modern Western medicine. Her primary focus is treating Musculoskeletal conditions with her knowledge of facia, muscles, tendon, ligaments, bursa etc as well as meridian/zang fu/ ying yang theory. 

Janice evaluates all physical, emotional, and psychological aspects because wellness is achieved through all aspects of your existing being in balance. Other areas of her practice address anxiety, functional constipation, insomnia and dysmenorrhea in addition to physical pain. As a strong advocate of modern acupuncture research, she hopes more and more randomized clinical trials and research of mechanism on acupuncture will be studied by mainstream health care professionals and more and more patients will be benefited by acupuncture.

Katy Thomas - RMT

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A graduate of Makami College, 3,000 -hour, Massage Therapy Program in 2017.
Katy specializes in therapeutic deep tissue massage, and believes no two treatments should be identical. Throughout her treatment she uses flowing pressure that is firm and will target your problem areas in a deeply relaxing way. She won't leave you feeling beat up and sore. Katy utilizes passive movements of the hip and shoulder to treat a range of motion restrictions; even ones you are unaware of. 
Katy offers massage therapy, myofascial cupping, prenatal and hot stone massage. Katy enjoys working out, hanging out with her daughter and playing fetch with her dogs.

Allie Sobool - RMT


Allie is a 2200HR registered massage therapist due to graduate from MaKami College with her 3000HR Advanced Clinical Massage Diploma in August 2020. She believes in body liberation, slow living, and loves to write fiction in her spare time. As a therapist, she focuses on stress relief and release by centering treatments around mind-body connection. Allie feels a calm mind is a healing body, and she wishes to put you into a state of deep relaxation with every session. Using Swedish relaxation, deep tissue, myofascial, and Reiki techniques, she hopes to ground you back into your body to bring awareness to the sheer awesomeness of it and hopefully leave you connected for many days to come.

Becky Hoff – RMT


I am a graduate of the Registered Massage Therapy program at the Alberta Institute of Massage in Red Deer in 2018. I work with the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sport Medicine Team. I specialize in working with athletes doing injury prevention and rehabilitation. I enjoy personalizing treatments for everyone. I have done a lot of work with people who suffer from back and hip pain, sciatica, concussions and neck pain. 
I specialize in myofascial release, trigger point release, deep tissue, joint mobilization, cupping and deep friction massage.