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Our Team

Our Team: About

Binu Johnson – RMT

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Binu specializes in a wide variety of therapies including: Reflexology, craniosacral therapy, myofascial cupping therapy, Hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish relaxation massage, Orthopedic / sports massage, Prenatal and postnatal massage, Indian Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments, Thai herbal hot compress, acupressure and meridian therapy, body scrub massage, Visceral manipulations, cranial Osteopathy and Muscle Energy techniques.
Binu has Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy and is a Registered massage therapist (RMT). Binu studied massage therapy at South Edmonton school of massage therapy and now has three years of experience in Canada as a Registered Massage Therapist. In addition Binu has 18 years of Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy experience in Dubai.
Binu feels that with her experience and expertise, she is able to help people by alleviating pain and discomfort in their body and guiding them in leading a holistic lifestyle.
Binu enjoys travelling, gardening, reading and music.
Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil & Kannada.

Our Team: About

Dr. Udit Gaur

Coming Soon!

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Doctor of Physiotherapy

BPT, MS(App. physiology), DPT, FDN (Intramuscular Dry Needling), COMT, SCM (Concussion)

Dr. Udit Gaur, is a Registered Physiotherapist licensed in the province of Alberta, state of New York and Pennsylvania. Udit graduated from Shenandoah University, Virginia U.S.A. with a Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T).

He started his dream of becoming a physical therapist by completing his Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Guru Gobind Singh University, New Delhi, India, after which he pursued M.S. in Applied Physiology from State University of New York at Buffalo. Before moving to Alberta, he practiced as a lead physical therapist in the state of New York and Pennsylvania for 6 years and in the province of Ontario for 1 year.

Skills and Expertise

He combines his clinical expertise with the most recent research in order to achieve each patient’s personal goals effectively and efficiently. Udit is skilled with manual therapies such as:



Dry Needling (Intra muscular Stimulation)

Soft and Deep Tissue Release

Myofascial Release


Neural Mobilization

Mckenzie Methods of Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment

Mulligan Mobilization with Movement

Taping Techniques

Low Level Laser Therapy

Percussive Therapy



Exercise Programs and Techniques

He also incorporates personalized/ purpose-based exercise programs including core strengthening workouts, stability training, and dynamic stability disciplines. As part of his on-going education, he continues to explore manual therapy techniques, clinical orthopaedic specialization, and various other specialties that help him offer the most up-to-date techniques for his clients.

Apart from work, Udit enjoys hanging out with friends, cooking, horseback riding, traveling to new places, going to beaches and playing tennis.

Our Team: About

Sean Geneau – RMT

Sean Geneau.jpg

Sean completed his massage therapy program in New Brunswick before moving to Alberta to pursue sports therapy. He discovered his passion for massage after experiencing a serious muscle injury due to overtraining. This inspired him to go into the field of massage therapy to help others with pain and discomfort that he himself had felt. Sean specializes in deep tissue and therapeutic massage with an emphasis on homecare to obtain the best results possible. On his free time he trains as a martial artist/acrobat and coaches children and youth in the same sport.

Our Team: About

 Larry Benito – RMT

Larry Benito.jpg

Larry is an Advanced Clinical Registered Massage Therapist. He studied massage therapy (3300Hrs) at MaKami College of Massage Therapy and now has one year of experience as a registered massage therapist (RMT). Larry specializes in a wide variety of therapies including; relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, myofascial cupping therapy, prenatal massage, and trigger point release massage therapy. 

Larry has always been passionate about helping people, so finding a profession that focused solely on the well-being of others, such as massage therapy, was the clear choice. 
In his free time he volunteer in church activities.

Our Team: About

Ken Mangaron – RMT

Ken Mangaron image.jpeg

Ken completed 2400 hours program from CDI college and specialized in swedish massage , Deep tissue massage, relaxation massage , myofascial release techniques, trigger point therapy.

Our Team: About




 Wonyoung (Young) YU is a registered acupuncturist in AB(CAA) and BC (CTCMA).
Young specializes in pain management with the Traditional Chinese Medicine –
combining Balanced method, Sa Am chim technique, and Scalp/Ear Acupuncture as well as Electro-acupuncture. He is also proficient in acupressure (Tuina massage), various glass cupping techniques and scrapping (GuaSha) therapy. It quickly reduces pain and restores the balance between muscles by improving Qi and blood circulation. This overall can provide well rounded healing in chronic pain, sports injuries, and MVA whiplash injuries. He also has a special interest in coordinating emotional and physical balance. He uses a traditional acupuncture technique to help with physical and emotional disorders including stress-resulting  symptoms/diseases, insomnia, anxiety, and depression by re-balancing the energies of Yin & Yang, and restoring the functions of internal organs.
He has completed the 4 years TCM Practitioner program at the Tzu Chi International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He originally studied Music in Korea and worked as a professional music composer for over a decade.
His goal is to bring holistic health in your life which comes from mind-body healing. 

Our Team: About
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