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What is S.I.T. and how can it help you?

Until the age of 7, you are an information sponge. You are watching the world and creating beliefs about what the world is like and how to interact with it. Everything you decide to be true about the world becomes your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind steers you into creating choices that keep you safe, loved, and accepted. Except when you are an adult, these behaviors, patterns, and protection mechanisms can keep you from achieving the life you actually want. They begin to affect your daily living, mental health, and wellbeing—physical and emotional!

Which is where Subconscious Imprinting Technique comes in.

With S.I.T. you become aware of what the patterns are. You become aware of what limiting beliefs and systems you have in place that are keeping you stuck. That awareness is the first step into creating change. Because you cannot change what you do not know is there!

The practitioner accesses root memories, experiences, emotions, or environments within your body through muscle testing. Once discovered, she uses signature release statements to change the way your body perceives and receives information. This can be used for physical and emotional pain—the mind/body connection cannot be understated here!

Some common themes for S.I.T. sessions include:

  • personal, professional, and romantic relationship struggles

  • self-sabotaging behaviors

  • money problems, no matter how hard you try to make more of it

  • being successful on the outside, yet feeling unhappy and unfulfilled

  • failing to achieve the goals you set out with; losing momentum and motivation

  • chronic pain, anxiety, or illness you can’t seem to resolve no matter who you go to

  • unstable mood—feeling easily triggered and then guilty afterwards

  • trouble with creating boundaries—always saying YES to others to the extent that you’re constantly caught in the BURNOUT LOOP

  • feeling like you’re not on the “right path” for where you’d like your life to be

  • even as an adult, you feel like your parents or guardians have a hold on how you live your life, and you feel guilty when you try to create boundaries

  • you have the uneasy feeling of not living in your truth—even if you’re unsure what that truth is yet

  • and many more!