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Welcome to Revive Rehab Physiotherapy and Massage, where healing meets relaxation. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality physiotherapy and massage services in Edmonton, ensuring that you receive the best care possible for your pain, injuries, or stress relief. Make the most of your health benefits with our direct billing services, and discover why we're known for having the best physiotherapists and massage therapists in town. Don't let discomfort hold you back - book your appointment online or call us today to start your journey toward a healthier, happier you.

About Revive

At Revive Rehab Physiotherapy and Massage, we believe that everyone deserves to live a life free from pain and discomfort. Our experienced team of physiotherapists and massage therapists are committed to helping you achieve optimal health and wellbeing. We take a personalized approach to your care, designing customized treatment plans that address your unique needs and goals. Our state-of-the-art facility, coupled with our exceptional staff, makes us the top choice for physiotherapy and massage services in Edmonton.


Revive Rehab Physiotherapy and Massage offers a wide range of services to cater to your individual needs:

Physical Therapy


Our expert physiotherapists use evidence-based techniques to diagnose, treat, and prevent a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, including sports injuries, workplace injuries, and chronic pain.

Head Massage

Massage Therapy

Choose from a variety of massage techniques, including deep tissue, Swedish, and hot stone, to help alleviate stress, improve circulation, and promote relaxation.

Acupuncture .jpg


Acupuncture points are believed to stimulate the central nervous system. This, in turn, releases chemicals into the muscles, spinal cord, and brain. These biochemical changes may stimulate the body's natural healing abilities and promote physical and emotional well-being.

Massage Table

Opening Hours

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Mon-Sat: 8 am-8pm

Sunday: Closed

Call: 7807057279 or Book Online

Shoulder Massage

The environment is warm and inviting. You automatically feel relaxed when you walk through the door because the tranquility created.

Vanessa O.

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